98five Sonshine FM is a community radio station broadcasting a positive, family friendly and Christian message to the community of Perth since 1988. With the evolution of digital technology they have expanded their offerings – including a 100% Christian digital radio station, podcasts, apps, a video content studio and four regional broadcasting licenses across Western Australia. With this expansion away from FM broadcasting to a multifaceted media organisation, the company made the decision to rebrand as Sonshine to better reflect their current and future vision.

The visual identity was directly informed by the brand strategy and positioning developed by the David Reid Group. ‘Wholeheartedly Connected’ became the central focus for the brand, as well as their public facing tagline.

The custom typography has purposeful connection and flow, with the tagline playfully interlacing between the centre of the type. The flexible rippling graphic reinforces the ‘ripple effect’ Sonshine’s positivity, messages of faith, and service have on its audience. Coupled with a bright, family-friendly colour palette, the new visual language has been wholeheartedly embraced by the Sonshine community.

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Brand positioning &
project management
: David Reid Group

Project management &
brand alignment
: Clinton House