Velvet Painting

There's something so wonderfully twee about velvet paintings; think Elvis, Tahitian beauties, poker-playing dogs and cute-as-a-button kittens. The striking contrast between the rich dark velvet backgrounds and bright oil paint make these paintings feel incredibly lush.



Femme Exhibition

When somone you really admire invites you to collaborate on a project, it’s kind of hard not to feel giddy with glee. I managed to remain cool as a cucumber as photographer Natasja Kremers spoke of her idea to marry photography with illustration in some creative way, but inside I was squealing like a small child.



Bunnies and Blooms

My adorable niece is turning seven. One minute I was changing her nappy and next thing I know she is educating me on how butterfly wings have scales (I seriously didn’t know that). I really wanted to paint something special for her birthday and was keen to explore a different illustration style from what I’ve done before. Georgia has a thing for bunnies (lets be honest, who doesn’t), so I knew they had to be a feature of this painting.