Velvet Painting

There’s something so wonderfully twee about velvet paintings; think Elvis, Tahitian beauties, poker-playing dogs and cute-as-a-button kittens. The striking contrast between the rich dark velvet backgrounds and bright oil paint make these paintings feel incredibly lush.

I’m busy exploring painting onto surfaces other than paper, with velvet being my current crush. My studio is a complete jumble of fabric, brushes and a gamut of different mediums including gouache, acrylic, oils, chalk, pastels and fabric paint. There’s something equally daunting and exciting about working on something without a rough direction in mind, but I feel that’s the most wonderful part of being a creative.

I’m really enjoying this stage of play; who knows whether it will result in an exhibition or if it will remain a personal creative project. Maybe a cute kitten will make an appearance (highly likely knowing me).